Sus 4 Triads

Sus4 Triad Workout
(PDF file)

        I use this sequence of exercises whenever I teach.  It is a great way to start developing a basic keyboard harmonic vocabulary.
        I may use different cycles for the basic triad work outs. For the voice leading exercises I would use the cycle of fourths for the ascending part and the cycle of fifths for the descending part.

Basic routine:
- Sus4 Triad warm up exercises
- Sus4 Triad work out - Root Position
- Sus4 Triad work out - 1st. Inversion
- Sus4 Triad work out - 2nd. Inversion
- Sus4 Triad Voice Leading - Root Position
- Sus4 Triad Voice Leading - 1st. Inversion
- Sus4 Triad Voice Leading - 2nd. Inversion