Cycles Page (PDF file)

    I use this page whenever I want to practice anything in all keys.
I use it to play scales, technical workouts, riffs, voicings, chord progressions, virtually anything through different key centers.
The reason I use different cycles to practice, is to avoid using the cycle of fourths all the time and to develop more flexibility of movement between all keys or modal centers.

They are 12 cycles:
 - Cycle of fourths
 - Cycle of fifths
 - Cycle of minor thirds ascending
 - Cycle of minor thirds descending
 - Cycle of major thirds ascending
 - Cycle of major thirds descending
 - Whole Step cycle ascending
 - Whole Step cycle descending
 - Chromatic cycle ascending
 - Chromatic cycle descending
 - Cycle of augmented fourths ascending
 - Cycle of augmented fourths descending